8:50amStudent Enter School
9:00amAll students in their Classroom
9:08amO Canada & Announcements
9:15amFirst Classes Begin
10:30-10:45amGr. K-2 Recess
10:45-11:00amGr. 3-4 Recess
12:00-12:25pmGr. K-2 Lunch
Gr. 3-4 Recess
12:30-12:55pmGr. 3-4 Lunch
Gr. K-2 Recess
1:00pmClasses Begin
2:00-2:15pmGr. 3-4 Recess
2:15-2:30pmGr. K-2 Recess
3:35pmHomeroom Time; Clean up and get ready
3:40pmBus Students and Walkers Dismissed
3:45pmAll Other Students Dismissed