Elmdale School Playground

Vision Statement

The vision of Elmdale School is to provide a safe and caring learning environment, fostering positive relationships with all students and all families in our community.

Belief Statement

At Elmdale we believe that STUDENTS, STAFF and our COMMUNITY must work in partnership for the success of all learners.

STUDENTS are the core of our learning community. All students are here to learn and we must teach to the whole child. Students’ physical, social and emotional needs must be met in order to be prepared to learn.

STAFF must start by building relationships with students and families. Once relationships are built and trust is established, all children can learn and grow

Our diverse COMMUNITY is part of the teaching and learning team. We all bring unique experiences, perspectives and knowledge, and we have greater ability to teach and learn when we do so together as a community.


  • Grades K-4
  • School Population – 264
  • FTE Teachers – 16
  • Educational Assistants – 12

Principal: Vince Hiebert

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