2020-2021 School Year

Based on a successful experience last year with replacing our school supply lists with a student materials fee, we have decided to continue this for the 2020-2021 school year.

All students Kindergarten to Grade 4 will be asked to pay a $35 student materials fee. This fee is in lieu of parents purchasing school supplies for their children.

 What are the benefits?

  • Equity: Students will all have the same opportunity to use materials of the same high end quality.
  • Collaboration: Using classroom community materials creates an environment to foster collaboration among our students.
  • Communication: Again, using classroom community materials creates an environment to foster appropriate communication skills at an early years level.
  • Bulk Purchasing: School will be able to purchase materials at a discounted rate.
  • No Replacement Costs: At no time will parents be asked to replace lost items or replenish materials.
  • Carbon Footprint: We hope to reduce the quantity of materials purchased by sharing classroom community materials.

Students bring to school

Students will need to purchase their own backpack, lunch kit, water bottle, and a pair of non-marking indoor runners. In addition, Grades 3 and 4 students will need to bring a recorder to school.

Student Transfers In/Out:

By the end of each school year, all money will be spent on materials in your child’s classroom.

  • Students leaving Elmdale before October 31 will receive a full refund.
  • Students leaving Elmdale between November 1 & January 31 will receive a $20 refund.
  • Students leaving Elmdale after February 1 will receive a partial refund upon request.


  • Students transferring to Elmdale before November 30 will be asked to pay the fee of $35.
  • Students transferring to Elmdale between December 1 & February 28 will be asked to pay $20.
  • Students transferring to Elmdale after March 1 can simply bring their current supplies from their previous school.

Please pay on your HSD Parent Portal (preferred) or bring a cheque for $35 payable to Elmdale School at the Meet Your Teacher event on September 8, 2020.