September 2017

Principal: Mr Colin Campbell B.A., B.Ed, M.Ed.

It is an honour to be the Principal at Elmdale Early Years School. I have worked in the field of Education for 14 years. I spent the first number of years as an Educational Assistant in the Pembina Trails School Division. I then began teaching Grade 4 at Mitchell Elementary School, eventually moving into a Vice Principal/Resource role at Woodlawn School. Currently, this is my 3rd year as the Principal here at Elmdale School.

From my perspective, the role of the principal in the school has evolved. I believe that it is important for the principal to be visible in the school daily. Further, a principal should be involved in building strong positive relationships with all students in the school. With this said, I enjoy being involved with our students, whether that is outside during recess, working with students in the classroom or simply chatting with students in the hallways. When a principal is able to build close relationships with students, positive behaviour in the school increases and negative student behaviour decreases. Ultimately providing a safe environment for students to come to school and enjoy their day.

Another role that I enjoy as a principal is that of an Instructional Leader. Specifically in the professional development of our teachers, and to this end also being involved in the classroom. This past year, as a staff we have been working on introducing more inquiry lessons to our students to increase student engagement. Our staff have enjoyed these conversations and taken their work in shifting their pedagogy very seriously and it has been a pleasure to watch.

Lastly, I value our parent/school partnership. We understand that you know your child the best. We need your partnership to provide your child with the best education. I look forward to connecting with you throughout the school year. I invite parents to contact me at any time via email or phone call. Check the monthly newsletter for dates and times of our Coffee with the Principal informal conversations.


Colin Campbell